Thursday, August 7, 2014

Creation Appreciation

Hi everyone! I'm so delighted to humbly minister to you on a subject that God dealt with me about and that I was actually inspired to do a post about after reading a Instagram post by a sister in Christ Mariah Milan whom I only know of through Facebook, but am connected to her and her best friend Angel Walston through the Spirit which makes us family. Lol! Anyhoo....My sister in Christ Mariah posted on Instagram the other day a snippet of how we can sometimes worship God's creation more than Him the creator of it all. I know we've all had this dilemma happen at least once in our lives. So I wanted to share with you how appreciating God's creation is not sin in itself, but it's when we go past the line of appreciation to outright lusting after and worshiping His creation is where the sin factor comes in at. Don't worry I won't leave you with the sin, but a solution how to resolve it and avoid doing it in the future! So let's begin! God has many creations(trees, stars, animals, flowers, etc..) and they are very beautiful and uniquely made, just like me and you. I won't get to naming all His creation as that would take a lifetime to do, but I do want to focus on the main creation I think is the easiest for us to appreciate a little too much and that is people. Yes, men, women, boys, and girls. We admire their gifts/talents, style, personality, but most often their looks. We've even gone as far as to give them their own day to glorify them on social media, with the hashtag #WCW(WomanCrushWednesdays)and #MCM(Man Crush Mondays). Now before you get to jumping on the defense and losing your "religion" on me, hear me clear and hear me well. There is absolutely NO SIN in appreciating someone's looks. It's OK to look at a fine as wine man/boy or a drop dead gorgeous woman/girl and comment on how great a job God did in making them, HOWEVER the issue comes in when we behold them too long and it turns into lust, which turns into wrong thoughts, and then goes down into intimate parts of the heart, which then becomes sin. James 1:13-15(NLT) explains this the best, It says "13 And remember, when you are being tempted, do not say, “God is tempting me.” God is never tempted to do wrong, and he never tempts anyone else. 14 Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away. 15 These desires give birth to sinful actions. And when sin is allowed to grow, it gives birth to death. I know, I know you say "Well, God shouldn't have made him/her so fine", "I'm just appreciating God's creation", and "God gave us eyes to see, and if he didn't want me to look he would've made me blind", and on and on with excuses to justify sin. Don't we just love to do that? God's Word in James clearly tells us that God doesn't tempt anyone and that it's our OWN choice to give in to OUR lust which when we let it breed it brings forth the not so cute baby sin, and if unchecked death. Death to our relationships, standards, morals, and values, identity/self esteem, etc... The issue is us keeping our focus horizontally on the person in front of us, rather than vertically on God up above us. Well, What do you mean? I'm glad you asked..... Keeping our viewpoint horizontally on that man/woman all in the name of "just appreciating God's creation", will put us in the danger zone as our minds will be off God and directed on that person. In which we'll start fantasizing about them, comparing ourselves or spouses to them, and setting up a little throne positioned in our hearts for them conceiving sin. Jesus says in Matthew 5:28(NLT) "But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart. So you see it's a heart thing, and what you let dwell to long in your eye gate, gets in your mind gate, and it trickles on down into your heart gate which manifests into sinful behavior that doesn't glorify God. Still not convinced? Let me give you some examples.....You hear the Holy Spirit telling you it's wrong for you to keep watching that TV show/movie that you can't even tell what it's about because you're too busy lusting after that fine man/woman acting on the screen, or you see out while in the store shopping. The Holy Spirit gently tries to guide your attention away, but you shut Him out convincing yourself there's no harm in looking, all the while He knows it will harm you in the way you look at your spouse or your standards on what person to date/marry. He tries to warn you about admiring a little too much that celebrity, pastor, singer, person on social media, etc.. that you hold highly. You try to justify the praise you give these people by saying you're giving respect where it's due or you're doing nothing wrong by studying and learning from them, when He knows you're wrong in idolizing them and how it's harming the way you look at yourself whom is His most prized possession and you're holding them as the standard for your life. These are just 2 scenarios I used to paint the full picture of how subtle "creation appreciation" can become dangerous and harmful, leading to all types of sin of adultery, fornication, coveting which leads to idol worship, and so many more. The solution is keeping a vertical focus on God. When praising or appreciating that person for their gifts/talents, style, personality, looks, give the credit to God. When you see that chiseled piece of chocolate hunk walk by you or that curvy beautiful bright eyed girl, thank God for making that fine man/woman wonderfully and fearfully. Give him glory for that person's gift/talent, personality, swag, and style you like. Even go as far as the Spirit leads to lift that person up in prayer, thanking and praising Him for that person, how HE has blessed them, how HE made them, how you ask that HE would lead/guide them, keep using them, help them to know Him and make Him known, etc.... You see by doing this, you keep the worship where it's always from the beginning supposed to go and that's on the creator God Almighty. He created us to worship, and give all that attention and praise we're giving to His creation to Him and Him only. He allows us to see in our horizontal view all of his beauty and splendor in His creation, so we can redirect vertically reverence and thanks unto Him for it all. It's for us to behold and gaze upon His glory. It wasn't purposed for us to gaze upon His creation as if they made themselves, their gifts, style, talents, or personality cause NEWS FLASH they didn't and NEVER will come close to God's power, splendor, and majesty. No, all glory belongs to the one who did create all of this wonderful creation we see, and that's the one and only man God Almighty! If we would redirect our appreciation from the creation to the creator, we'd see how amazing, fine, wonderful, excellent, beautiful, and glorious He is above all of creation and appreciate and love Him more as we were created to do!

I love you all, but God loves you so much more!
Your Sister~Jassmine~A Dear Daughter of The King!

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