Thursday, September 26, 2013

Walk In Full Joy


 Hey all my daughters of the King!!!! I apologize it's been a little while since my last post. I have been seeking the Lord on what to post about next, because I want it to be a timely word and blessing to you all. Lately I have been studying in the book of 1 John, and today while waiting at a health appointment for my oldest daughter Gabrielle I began to reread chapter 1 of 1 John. I received so much revelation in the first 4 verses concerning having fullness of joy as a believer. It was then that I felt the Lord's leading that this would be my next topic to post about. So let's dive in! In this book the apostle John the author, who was a very close and loved disciple of Jesus, is addressing believers. In the first 3 verses he tells them he has seen, touched, heard, and experienced Jesus, the Word of life in the flesh. 

He witnesses about knowing and experiencing Jesus, for the purpose that the other believers might share the same blessed fellowship as they do which is with God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. He goes on to say in verse 4, that he is writing this to them so that their joy may be full. His purpose for telling them how he has experienced Jesus personally, is so that they can continue in blessed fellowship with God and his Son Jesus and in doing so walk in complete joy and gladness.

John was able to walk in the fulness of God's joy because he stayed in close fellowship with Jesus. He was in his presence a lot, being one of Jesus' disciples. Although we cannot fellowship with Jesus in the flesh as John did, we can fellowship and experience him through his Word. We do this by daily and consistently reading/studying/meditating in his Word and praying. In doing so we can be able to go through every trial, temptation, situation, and circumstance, with abundant joy, faith, and peace in our hearts that we will overcome just as he demonstrated through his life in His Word. Then we find that complete joy and gladness on the inside, will then overflow on the outside in our actions and countenance, and people will see and be drawn to wanna know how to experience that same fulness of joy. 

They will want to partake of that same fellowship with our Jesus and our God, but a lot of times they don't want to because they see us frowning, complaining, depressed, and singing the same sad song they are. They see that and they feel like, well if knowing their Jesus will still leave me a down and out hopeless case then I don't want to know their Jesus. That is why it is so important dear daughters, that we stay in close fellowship with God. It's not only for our benefit, but for others as well. As God's dear daughters we want to strive everyday to look more like Him and be his reflection. It's just like looking in a mirror, the closer we are to the mirror, the more clearer we can see our true reflection. The farther away we are from the mirror, the more distorted and difficult our true reflection is to see. The same with God, the more we neglect and abandon consistent fellowship with Him, the farther away we get from reflecting his image. The more we remain in fellowship with Him through study/meditation of His Word and prayer, the closer we resemble Him and can effectively walk in full joy. 

In Psalm 16:11b it says "in thy presence is fulness of joy". The key ladies is staying in His presence to maintain our joy, not in everything and everybody's presence. This is where the problem occurs. We get too caught up in the cares, affairs, and relationships in this life, that we start to become distracted. We then abandon the most important person's presence we need to have in our life, which is God's. Our joy then starts to diminish and we invite discouragement, gloom, and disillusionment to become our companions. I want to let you know today that it is NOT God's desire for you to walk in defeat, depression, and doubt. Am I saying everyday will be roses and rainbows just because you're a child of the most high King. Absolutely Not! There will be SOME times you'll feel in the valley low, and not on the mountain top. However in those times if we are staying in close fellowship with God, we can and should still have joy. Not because we're glad about our situation or circumstance, but because we know personally the one who is with and for us through it all. The one who is our Savior Jesus who is greater than it all and overcame it all, and has given us his grace and power to do the same! In this fact there should be no reason to STAY wallowing in life's pits, but instead I encourage you today to choose to get up, look up, and walk in the fullness of joy and not in the emptiness of sorrow!

 I love you all, but God loves you so much more!
 Your Sister~Jassmine~A Dear Daughter of The King!

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  1. Absolutely loved this and the analogy about the mirror was so on point! Great read :)

  2. Glory to God! I thank God that it blessed you and thanks for taking the time to comment! God bless you my tag team partner in ministry! #SistersInThisTogether!


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