Friday, August 23, 2013

Part 2: Getting What You Desire, When He Desires


Hey, Hey, Hey my sisters in Christ! I am delighted to get into this Word some more with you all, and continue conforming and transforming to a true dear daughter of the King. Being a true dear daughter of the King, our desires should mirror God's. The only way that can be accomplished, is by daily looking into the light and mirror of God's Word. For it is in God's Word the true reflection of us is revealed. So you've examined the desires of your heart by the light of God's Word, it lines up with his desire, will, and good pleasure, and you still don't have them or see them. You're now stuck asking "When will I see my desire fulfilled"? Just as I last stated in part 1's post, he promised to give you the desires, but he did not say when and that can sometimes be frustrating. If you focus on your emotions of frustration, then you will allow it to turn into the 3 D's of Doom:Discontentment, Discouragement, and Doubt. If you let this rule you, and steal your focus you'll pursue after your desire and try to make it come to pass by your own strength and hands. Let me tell you from experience ladies, this will only get you in a world of unnecessary stress and trouble, and won't bring that thing you so earnestly desire faster to you. As true dear daughters of the king, if we are delighting in him by being in his presence daily, reading/studying/meditating upon his Word, obeying his Word, communicating with him daily in prayer, then we will take pleasure in everything God does including his divine providence. 

Let's go to the next scripture in that same chapter of Psalm 37 verse 5,  to see how we as daughters of the king should handle waiting on our desire to be fulfilled. The verse says "Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass". That word Commit in the original Hebrew language is "galal", which means to roll. The word Way in the original Hebrew language is "derek" means one's course of life, every event, action, direction, future, everything. Now before you all say "Wow Jassmine, now I don't understand all that and you're going too deep", let me explain it further because it really brings this scripture to it's full meaning. It's always good when studying the bible to define the words in the text, because then you find the true meaning of it and it means so much more to you. So let's now say the scripture over now that we've defined the words. Roll thy course of life unto the Lord. You see how much more clearer that is to look at it that way? We are to roll over, give over, and entrust, every part, section, detail, care of life to the Lord. So ladies roll all that worry and anxiety off of you, over when you will see that desire take place in your life and give it to the Lord. Now it's not enough to roll or give it over to the Lord, but when we do so we have to do as the scripture says and trust also in him. This means we have to take full confidence and belief in him, to his divine and perfect care and guidance, that all is well that God does. He has the road map of our life already perfectly planned, and knows when we are to receive that desire he desires to give us. Once we do so we can rest in the latter promise of the scripture that he SHALL bring it to pass, meaning he will do it and bring it about according to his perfect will, purpose, and pleasure! Pursue, follow, and trust Christ ladies, and you'll have your desires when he desires! 

I love you all, but God loves you so much more!
Your Sister~Jassmine~A Dear Daughter of The King!

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