Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What are you thinking???

 You ever notice the first question that most people normally ask, when someone has made a mistake, caused an offense, or created a conflict? They usually blurt out this question as an attempt to resolve the why for that person's actions. They'll say "What were you thinking"!? I know my dad always use to say it to me like this "Where yo' mind at, girl"!? LOL! I don't think most people fully realize the reality of how the thoughts of a person do indeed solve the mystery behind their actions and behavior. We're just so use to spitting that question out, that we are really not focusing in on the explanation the person gives. Which results in us not dealing with the root of the issue, but only continuing to scratch at the surface of their behavior and actions. We also have many why's hanging around in so many areas of our life, like why we keep gossiping, being discontent, attracting and entertaining the wrong people, getting angry so quickly and frequently, lusting after this and that person, coveting others title, status, possessions, using foul language, etc.. The why's can't be answered neither resolved, if we never deal with the what; that is what are we thinking. To properly deal with the thoughts we are thinking, we must determine what we should be thinking and the only way to do so is through the pure, infallible Word of God. Philippians 4:8 tells us what our thoughts should be based on, saying they should be honest/honorable, just/right, pure, lovely/pleasing, of good report, excellent/virtuous, and praiseworthy. The thoughts we actually have whether based on God's Word or against it, is determined and controlled by the mind's input. It's what we feed our minds daily through what we see and hear, that shapes our thought life, then processes into our hearts, and manifests in our actions and behaviors. Our minds are being fed from all types of sources from the internet, to the television, movies, music, books, magazines, and the people around us. With so much enticing data, media, and images, it's not hard to get surrounded and caught up in the middle of it all and give in to it's tempting pull. Let's not all say amen on that. OK, since ya'll wanna act super saved I'll be the first to raise my hand and say amen? LOL! Seriously though sometimes it's a struggle to not allow someone's negative, insensitive, and crazy words enter into your mind. You allow them to enter, be processed as truth in your hearts, which manifests in your life by behaving insecurely, getting angry and letting them ruin your day, being bitter and going around hurting others, or just acting out with violence or cussing them slap out! LOL! But Wait! Let's flip the script and talk about the internet struggle, and the fight to not allow the posts of all the seemingly "perfect" christian couples/marriages on social media, the ones with the "great" ministry and following, and the ones that have all the nice possessions, "perfect" christian, and all together awesome life enter your mind, trickle down to your heart, and be manifested in your life through jealously, discontentment, pride, greed, and lust. I know some of my you have your hand raised now, saying Amen! LOL! I won't even go into the struggle with what we watch on the TV/movies, the music we listen to, and the literature we take in! I think ya'll pretty much get the picture. LOL! If you want to change your life and the wrong direction it's been drifting in sistas, you've got to change that mind! A dirty mind, can't produce a clean life. As God's dear daughters we want to live our lives according to God's good, perfect, and acceptable will. The only way we can effectively do that is through the renewing of our minds(Romans 12:2). We have to replace the harmful, sinful, negative input that once dominated our minds and still tries to do so, with wholesome and fruitful material. What better wholesome and truthful material, than the life giving Word of God. It's the only thing that can get a hold of our minds, and cause the result to be a transformed, abundant, life. Make no mistake girlfriend if you do not get control of your mind, it will control you. The enemy would try to sell us the lies that we have no control over our minds, the thoughts we think, and that we can't overcome our thought struggle. He'll say things like "it' normal to think that way", and "your thoughts are not that bad". I'm here to tell you honey, DON'T BUY HIS LIES! God's Word tells us in 2 Corinthians 10:5 that we do have the authority and power through Christ to kick every imagination, wrong, and prideful thought to the curb, that would try to exalt itself higher than the truth of God's Word. I paraphrased it so you could get the understanding of God's truth, and the power we have concerning our thought life. We don't have to feel helpless and surrender our minds to the bad input around us, but instead have the authority as dear daughters of the king to make our thoughts surrender to the truth of God's Word. We cast down those ungodly thoughts and make them obey God's Word. In doing so our lifestyles, actions, and behaviors become subject and obedient to Christ. Our life then is aligned with his perfect will, which brings Him glory. That should be our heart's desire as dear daughters of God, to glorify Him in every area of our lives mind, body, spirit, and soul. We want to because we love God and we know He loves us, and His commands and truth are for our benefit. Let's not be legalistic though, and think God is just a rule master trying to kill our vibe by restricting everything in this world we see and hear that seems to be unavoidable and all in our face. Neither let us go around condemning others, for their less than godly actions as a result of their thought life. Instead let us first examine our own thought life under the microscope of God's Word, practice aligning our thoughts to His Word so our lives can follow in loving and humble obedience, pray one for another in this spiritual battle, and hold each other accountable to be mindful of the input of our minds. For surely what is received in(whether good or bad), will be manifested back out!

Here are some scriptures in addition to the ones quoted in the post to meditate upon, to help in the battle with the mind: Ephesians 4:23-24, Colossians 3:2, Philippians 4:6-7, 2 Timothy 1:7, Ephesians 6:12, 1 John 4:4, Proverbs 4:23, 2 Corinthians 10:3-4, 1 Peter 1:13, Romans 8:5-7.

I love you all, but God loves you so much more!

Your Sister~Jassmine~A Dear Daughter of The King!
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Creation Appreciation

Hi everyone! I'm so delighted to humbly minister to you on a subject that God dealt with me about and that I was actually inspired to do a post about after reading a Instagram post by a sister in Christ Mariah Milan whom I only know of through Facebook, but am connected to her and her best friend Angel Walston through the Spirit which makes us family. Lol! Anyhoo....My sister in Christ Mariah posted on Instagram the other day a snippet of how we can sometimes worship God's creation more than Him the creator of it all. I know we've all had this dilemma happen at least once in our lives. So I wanted to share with you how appreciating God's creation is not sin in itself, but it's when we go past the line of appreciation to outright lusting after and worshiping His creation is where the sin factor comes in at. Don't worry I won't leave you with the sin, but a solution how to resolve it and avoid doing it in the future! So let's begin! God has many creations(trees, stars, animals, flowers, etc..) and they are very beautiful and uniquely made, just like me and you. I won't get to naming all His creation as that would take a lifetime to do, but I do want to focus on the main creation I think is the easiest for us to appreciate a little too much and that is people. Yes, men, women, boys, and girls. We admire their gifts/talents, style, personality, but most often their looks. We've even gone as far as to give them their own day to glorify them on social media, with the hashtag #WCW(WomanCrushWednesdays)and #MCM(Man Crush Mondays). Now before you get to jumping on the defense and losing your "religion" on me, hear me clear and hear me well. There is absolutely NO SIN in appreciating someone's looks. It's OK to look at a fine as wine man/boy or a drop dead gorgeous woman/girl and comment on how great a job God did in making them, HOWEVER the issue comes in when we behold them too long and it turns into lust, which turns into wrong thoughts, and then goes down into intimate parts of the heart, which then becomes sin. James 1:13-15(NLT) explains this the best, It says "13 And remember, when you are being tempted, do not say, “God is tempting me.” God is never tempted to do wrong, and he never tempts anyone else. 14 Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away. 15 These desires give birth to sinful actions. And when sin is allowed to grow, it gives birth to death. I know, I know you say "Well, God shouldn't have made him/her so fine", "I'm just appreciating God's creation", and "God gave us eyes to see, and if he didn't want me to look he would've made me blind", and on and on with excuses to justify sin. Don't we just love to do that? God's Word in James clearly tells us that God doesn't tempt anyone and that it's our OWN choice to give in to OUR lust which when we let it breed it brings forth the not so cute baby sin, and if unchecked death. Death to our relationships, standards, morals, and values, identity/self esteem, etc... The issue is us keeping our focus horizontally on the person in front of us, rather than vertically on God up above us. Well, What do you mean? I'm glad you asked..... Keeping our viewpoint horizontally on that man/woman all in the name of "just appreciating God's creation", will put us in the danger zone as our minds will be off God and directed on that person. In which we'll start fantasizing about them, comparing ourselves or spouses to them, and setting up a little throne positioned in our hearts for them conceiving sin. Jesus says in Matthew 5:28(NLT) "But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart. So you see it's a heart thing, and what you let dwell to long in your eye gate, gets in your mind gate, and it trickles on down into your heart gate which manifests into sinful behavior that doesn't glorify God. Still not convinced? Let me give you some examples.....You hear the Holy Spirit telling you it's wrong for you to keep watching that TV show/movie that you can't even tell what it's about because you're too busy lusting after that fine man/woman acting on the screen, or you see out while in the store shopping. The Holy Spirit gently tries to guide your attention away, but you shut Him out convincing yourself there's no harm in looking, all the while He knows it will harm you in the way you look at your spouse or your standards on what person to date/marry. He tries to warn you about admiring a little too much that celebrity, pastor, singer, person on social media, etc.. that you hold highly. You try to justify the praise you give these people by saying you're giving respect where it's due or you're doing nothing wrong by studying and learning from them, when He knows you're wrong in idolizing them and how it's harming the way you look at yourself whom is His most prized possession and you're holding them as the standard for your life. These are just 2 scenarios I used to paint the full picture of how subtle "creation appreciation" can become dangerous and harmful, leading to all types of sin of adultery, fornication, coveting which leads to idol worship, and so many more. The solution is keeping a vertical focus on God. When praising or appreciating that person for their gifts/talents, style, personality, looks, give the credit to God. When you see that chiseled piece of chocolate hunk walk by you or that curvy beautiful bright eyed girl, thank God for making that fine man/woman wonderfully and fearfully. Give him glory for that person's gift/talent, personality, swag, and style you like. Even go as far as the Spirit leads to lift that person up in prayer, thanking and praising Him for that person, how HE has blessed them, how HE made them, how you ask that HE would lead/guide them, keep using them, help them to know Him and make Him known, etc.... You see by doing this, you keep the worship where it's always from the beginning supposed to go and that's on the creator God Almighty. He created us to worship, and give all that attention and praise we're giving to His creation to Him and Him only. He allows us to see in our horizontal view all of his beauty and splendor in His creation, so we can redirect vertically reverence and thanks unto Him for it all. It's for us to behold and gaze upon His glory. It wasn't purposed for us to gaze upon His creation as if they made themselves, their gifts, style, talents, or personality cause NEWS FLASH they didn't and NEVER will come close to God's power, splendor, and majesty. No, all glory belongs to the one who did create all of this wonderful creation we see, and that's the one and only man God Almighty! If we would redirect our appreciation from the creation to the creator, we'd see how amazing, fine, wonderful, excellent, beautiful, and glorious He is above all of creation and appreciate and love Him more as we were created to do!

I love you all, but God loves you so much more!
Your Sister~Jassmine~A Dear Daughter of The King!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Got Contentment?

con·tent·ment(Webster's Definition)
noun: contentment
1.a state of happiness and satisfaction.

Contentment(Greek Definition, G841)
Transliteration: autarkeia
Phonetic Spelling: (ow-tar'-ki-ah)
1. a perfect condition of life in which no aid or support is needed
 2. sufficiency of the necessities of life
3. a mind contented with its lot 

I should have known that I would get tested in this area, as 1 Timothy 6:6 was the scripture that my small women's bible study accountability group was meditating on for last week. The big word with such a simple meaning from this scripture, kept ringing loud in my ear and staring me down right in my face. That word that most of us struggle with, even as Christians no matter how young or mature you are in the faith. That word has slapped you a time or two and made you rethink your faith in God, and where your relationship with Him was found on your priority list. That word is called Contentment. All last week it seemed out of nowhere, I kept struggling with this thing called contentment. The more it pushed at me, the more I attacked back with the Word of God quoting our study scripture and other helpful scriptures. Just when I'd think it was done swinging at me, it would come back for another round. Now I know how my Savior Jesus must have felt when he was tempted by Satan in the wilderness.(Matthew 4:1-11) Social media didn't help me at all I realized, as it was only being a distraction and hindrance to me all the more during this time of testing in the area of contentment. The more I scrolled through my timeline, the more the negative thoughts bombarded me. They taunted me saying things like “Look at you, you're not doing anything as great as so and so", “You're purposeless”, “You're meaningless”, “You'll never reach your purpose”, “You're inadequate”, and “blah, blah, blah, blah” The more the thoughts kept coming, the more I became discontent with where I was in life, with my walk in Christ, and with even my identity in Christ. It made me feel like I didn't have enough, wasn't doing enough, and that my life in Christ where it's at presently was simply not enough. The impression that I had to have x, y,z, and do a, b, and c along with God would give me contentment, was weighing heavy on my mind trying to find its' way in my heart. As I began to read and meditate upon God's Word to cast down the negative thoughts that were bullying me, I realized that this was the same stupid trap that Satan pulled on Eve in the garden in the beginning. He made her think that her good life she had in the presence and fellowship of God, being provided everything they ever needed and wanted was not enough. He made her believe that she lacked, and that she was inadequate. He made it seem as though God was trying to withhold something good from her, by forbidding them to eat from the tree  of the knowledge of good and evil. He deceived her into thinking that if she ate the fruit from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil, then and only then would she have contentment and be complete. We all know that Eve fell for Satan's lies, ate from the tree anyways, and even brought her husband Adam into the mess which resulted in the fall of man and why years later Jesus had to come and be THE PREFECT MAN to get things back in order. Thank God for Jesus! (For more on the story with Eve reference to Genesis 3). Don't be deceived Satan is still pulling that same ole' trick out of his bag on a lot of us today. Making us think that we have to have that perfect husband/wife, perfect kids, successful career, big promotion, awesome friends, great ministry, new car, new shoe, new boo, and so on, and so on to be happy, satisfied, and have the perfect condition of life. What happens is you get what you were going after, and find yourself still unhappy, unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and you then start chasing after something/someone else to give you contentment that only a submitted life to God can give. That is not to say God doesn't want us to have goals, ambition, achievements, and possessions, but the problem occurs when you feel that accumulating and achieving all this stuff is the key to your fulfillment, happiness, and creating this so called “perfect and good” life for yourself. At that point you're then replacing Christ who is your life(Colossians 3:4a), with all this stuff you've setup as your “god” which WON'T and CAN'T give you the fulfillment that
 Christ gives you. His Word tells us that blessed or happy are the ones who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled or satisfied, it didn't say those who hunger and thirst after the things of this world.(Matthew 5:6) *Also side note sisters, all this stuff won't be going with you once you leave this earth anyways.(I Timothy 6:7) So let's not get distracted and let the enemy deceive us into thinking like Eve, that God is trying to withhold good from us, and that life in Christ alone is not about nothing unless we have all this other stuff mixed in. Christ gave us an abundant and rich life in him(John 10:10b), and he knows how our abundant life in him will play out as he has the perfect master plan for it.(Jeremiah 29:11). It is our job to trust, rest, and delight in him, and in due time he will bring about any additional thing/person he already planned to be a part of our lives.(Psalm 37:4, 5, and 7a, Proverbs 3:5-6) When he does it won't cause us to feel as though we are so much greater or lesser with or without these additions, as we'll know our contentment lies in Christ and Him alone. By the way I did past the test last week and overcame the attack of the enemy! Woohoo! Glory to God! Here are some things that I did and still do, when I find myself battling discontentment that will also be helpful to you all as well:

  1. Start confessing God's Word. The Holy Spirit will bring back God's Word in these type of situations and once he does, start speaking it aloud and meditating in your heart God's truth which will cast out the lies that the devil, the world, and even your flesh is telling you. (Again reference to the example Jesus gave us in Matthew 4:1-11 during his temptation in the wilderness with Satan.
  2. Get In God's Word. The Holy Spirit won't have anything to bring back to your remembrance if you are not ever taking the time to ready/study/meditate upon God's Word. Everyday you as daughters of the King you should be spending time with God through His Word and prayer. In doing this you will know who you are in Christ, and that God has given you everything you'll ever need in his Son Christ, and that you are complete in Him. Then when the negative thoughts and lies come we can do as The Word tells us in 2 Cor 10:5 and cast them down making them captive to the obedience of Christ.
  3. Pray and Seek God for help overcoming these feelings/thoughts. Sometimes it may feel as though you're speaking all the scriptures and discontentment is still overwhelming you, then pray and ask God to help you and trust that he will and has.(1 John 5:14-15)
  4. Cultivate a thankful spirit. A definite way to combat feelings of discontentment is to start being thankful for all that you do have that God has given to you. When the thoughts come, just start saying I thank you God for life in you, health, strength, this season of my life, your presence, etc... and I'm sure those negative feelings you had will have no room to stay.
  5. Cut out distractions and hindrances. Things or people that you know will only add to your discontentment, break away from for a period of time or altogether as the Lord leads. That may mean not talking as much to that friend who is always complaining about their portion, or taking a social media break(which I recently had to do) which will only tempt you to look at others "seemingly happy" portion and be more discontent with yours. Use this time away from the distractions to become focused on God, and him alone. Spend as much time in his face, soaking in His Word, totally relying on Him, and praying and before you know it you'll be so busy walking with Christ being content with and in him that you won't even know what discontentment is anymore. It'll be like discontentment who? LOL!

These are just some of the things that you can do to help you stay focused and content in Christ. With that being said here's to finding contentment in living godly submitted lives to Christ ladies and knowing that if we never gain anything in this world, life in and with Christ alone is great gain in itself! (1 Timothy 6:6)

I love you all, but God loves you so much more!
Your Sister~Jassmine~A Dear Daughter Of The King!
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Intentionally Speaking...



noun \in-ˈten(t)-shən\
: the thing that you plan to do or achieve : an aim or purpose

"I intended to", "It was my intentions", "I meant to", and "I had good intentions to"..... Have these words ever rolled off your lips before? Believe me honey, I know they sure have been familiar visitors coming in and out of my mouth a time or two. Every time their visit is over, they leave a train wreck of false hope, regret, defeat, and failure behind. Then I'm always stuck trying to figure out how to clean up the mess it has made, until I start thinking maybe it wasn't my intentions that made the mess after all. Many of us have all the good intentions in the world, intending to spend time with God, to stop gossiping, cut unhealthy relationships, prepare that resume, write up that business plan, get in shape, be more punctual, be active in our God given ministry, etc..... but when they are not fulfilled as expected we fail to realize the problem wasn't really in our intentions but instead us. What is the common link of all 3 statements made above that I first started out with? Yeah, you guessed it right that word "I". When we start the sentence off with I, well we've started the direction and focus all wrong from the jump. You see when you say "I intended", "I intend", or "I have good intentions to", then you're focused on the you, me, I, within yourself, to accomplish these great plans and purposes you have. Let me tell you from experience, that is the wrong answer sis. You see in God's Word in Romans 7:18 it tells us, that in us, our flesh, dwells no good thing. So that is why when the focus starts inwardly to accomplish that, aim, goal, plan, or purpose, it doesn't get fulfilled or either it gets fulfilled, but in a negative carnal way. It's because in our carnal, sinful, flesh, we don't have the power or strength to do that which is good and right. Sis don't be fooled, you better believe the enemy knows that, and will work through our flesh so that we won't fulfill our good and great intentions. So we can remain idle and fruitless, and our words of "I intend(ed) to" become empty and vain. We'll be just like a car without gas, going nowhere. Likewise my sister know this, there is a fuel behind every fulfilled intention, purpose, aim, goal, and plan, and that is ACTION. This fuel comes from the greater person living on the inside of us, which is the Holy Spirit. That is who we need to look and listen to within, to shift our great intentions from a fantasy to reality. The bible tells us in Philippians 4:13 that we can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens us, not through yourself. So you don't have to be defeated, and continually spinning in the same inactive futile cycle. We have NO EXCUSES. Sorry to bust your comfortable and stagnant bubble girlfriend, but it's time to stop barely surviving in the hope of our intentions, and instead thrive in the success of our actions. How do you do this? I am so glad you asked! This starts by daily surrendering to AND obeying the Holy Spirit, when he gives you direction and instruction concerning your everyday intentions. Doing this you can then began to walk out those intentions, instead of just talking out those intentions. Then you will also accomplish them the way HE intends them to be carried out, according to HIS will which will bring glory to the Father. It's OK to start with intentions, because you need to start somewhere, but don't stay stuck there because the real power comes in the action that follows. This year let's stop starting, intending, and meaning, but move on to acting, producing, finishing, and succeeding! 

I love you all, but God loves you so much more!
Your Sister~Jassmine~A Dear Daughter Of The King!
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Walk In Full Joy


 Hey all my daughters of the King!!!! I apologize it's been a little while since my last post. I have been seeking the Lord on what to post about next, because I want it to be a timely word and blessing to you all. Lately I have been studying in the book of 1 John, and today while waiting at a health appointment for my oldest daughter Gabrielle I began to reread chapter 1 of 1 John. I received so much revelation in the first 4 verses concerning having fullness of joy as a believer. It was then that I felt the Lord's leading that this would be my next topic to post about. So let's dive in! In this book the apostle John the author, who was a very close and loved disciple of Jesus, is addressing believers. In the first 3 verses he tells them he has seen, touched, heard, and experienced Jesus, the Word of life in the flesh. 

He witnesses about knowing and experiencing Jesus, for the purpose that the other believers might share the same blessed fellowship as they do which is with God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. He goes on to say in verse 4, that he is writing this to them so that their joy may be full. His purpose for telling them how he has experienced Jesus personally, is so that they can continue in blessed fellowship with God and his Son Jesus and in doing so walk in complete joy and gladness.

John was able to walk in the fulness of God's joy because he stayed in close fellowship with Jesus. He was in his presence a lot, being one of Jesus' disciples. Although we cannot fellowship with Jesus in the flesh as John did, we can fellowship and experience him through his Word. We do this by daily and consistently reading/studying/meditating in his Word and praying. In doing so we can be able to go through every trial, temptation, situation, and circumstance, with abundant joy, faith, and peace in our hearts that we will overcome just as he demonstrated through his life in His Word. Then we find that complete joy and gladness on the inside, will then overflow on the outside in our actions and countenance, and people will see and be drawn to wanna know how to experience that same fulness of joy. 

They will want to partake of that same fellowship with our Jesus and our God, but a lot of times they don't want to because they see us frowning, complaining, depressed, and singing the same sad song they are. They see that and they feel like, well if knowing their Jesus will still leave me a down and out hopeless case then I don't want to know their Jesus. That is why it is so important dear daughters, that we stay in close fellowship with God. It's not only for our benefit, but for others as well. As God's dear daughters we want to strive everyday to look more like Him and be his reflection. It's just like looking in a mirror, the closer we are to the mirror, the more clearer we can see our true reflection. The farther away we are from the mirror, the more distorted and difficult our true reflection is to see. The same with God, the more we neglect and abandon consistent fellowship with Him, the farther away we get from reflecting his image. The more we remain in fellowship with Him through study/meditation of His Word and prayer, the closer we resemble Him and can effectively walk in full joy. 

In Psalm 16:11b it says "in thy presence is fulness of joy". The key ladies is staying in His presence to maintain our joy, not in everything and everybody's presence. This is where the problem occurs. We get too caught up in the cares, affairs, and relationships in this life, that we start to become distracted. We then abandon the most important person's presence we need to have in our life, which is God's. Our joy then starts to diminish and we invite discouragement, gloom, and disillusionment to become our companions. I want to let you know today that it is NOT God's desire for you to walk in defeat, depression, and doubt. Am I saying everyday will be roses and rainbows just because you're a child of the most high King. Absolutely Not! There will be SOME times you'll feel in the valley low, and not on the mountain top. However in those times if we are staying in close fellowship with God, we can and should still have joy. Not because we're glad about our situation or circumstance, but because we know personally the one who is with and for us through it all. The one who is our Savior Jesus who is greater than it all and overcame it all, and has given us his grace and power to do the same! In this fact there should be no reason to STAY wallowing in life's pits, but instead I encourage you today to choose to get up, look up, and walk in the fullness of joy and not in the emptiness of sorrow!

 I love you all, but God loves you so much more!
 Your Sister~Jassmine~A Dear Daughter of The King!

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why Don't I Spend Time With God?

"I love you God, and I worship you", "I need you and I'm desperate for you Lord", I would say. One hearing me say those things, might think "Wow, she really loves the Lord"!, but they just didn't know the emptiness behind those words and that love was the furthest thing I was displaying before the Lord. I wanted to and knew I should have been spending time with God, praying, and reading the Word. I would always feel God tugging on my heart, beckoning me to come away with him, but I just wouldn't do it. I would say I'm gonna do it later, but later would never come. I'd instead get busy with doing other meaningless things, such as watching my favorite t.v. shows, browsing various social media sites, finding something to eat/snack on when I wasn't hungry(naturally that is), etc.. I'd be too tired, too busy, or reason I can't do it because the kids are awake or will wake up, and will be a distraction. All Excuses. When I did make an attempt at spending time with God, the enemy would fill my head with guilt and condemnation, saying "You're not praying right", "You sound pitiful, knowing you haven't been praying/reading your Word all this time", "You ain't gonna be able to understand the Word, when you're so out of tune with God", "He doesn't love you, and will reject you because you ignored him before", and more LIES, LIES, and LIES.  

To make myself feel less guilty and more like a "good Christian", I would watch preaching/teaching of the Word on YouTube, listen to praise and worship songs, and read great spiritual articles on various Christian blogs. I would buy and read books on Christian Living and try to live vicariously through others who had a true relationship with the Lord. I'd feel good at the moment, like I was really connected to God and had a true relationship with him, which was nothing but a fantasy. At the end of the day I would feel like a glass half empty, and spiritually parched and starving. I was settling for a "quick fix", and not a steady faith. It came to the point where the Lord totally began to wreck my heart! All I thought I knew I began to question, what I was confident in I doubted, and what I thought use to satisfy me, no longer was my delight. I prayed and sought him, asking "What is wrong with me"?, "I really do love you Lord and desire you, but why am I not spending time with you as I should"?  I was at the place where I was fed up with the crumbs I had been snacking on here and there, and day in and day out still not fulfilled. I cried out to the Lord, "God, I need you more than anything"!, "I desire to have a true relationship with you, and I'm desperate for you". I said "God, there has got to be more than this", "I want more of you and to be like you, and this time I won't stop at anything until I obtain just that". While searching the Internet on this subject, I came across a article on a blog that was talking about how we make things as idols and "gods". The Lord then led me to the scripture in Matthew 6:21  "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also"

The answer to my question "Why am I not spending time with the Lord"?, became clear as day to me. I didn't really desire to spend time with him, cultivate a true relationship with him, because he was not where my treasure was, therefore my heart's desire wasn't after him. That word treasure means, something you value, spend your energies in, and deem most precious and top priority. I then began to allow the light of his Word to search me and I asked myself "What is it that I am spending my energy/time in the most, that I value more than God"? After doing a #heartcheck, I looked up and found my eyes staring at my treasures, the t.v., my computer, and cell phone. That was it, entertainment! I spent most of the day everyday, either surfing the t.v. channels, on my phone scrolling through my timeline on various social media sites, or aimlessly surfing the web. I had made those sources of entertainment my "god", my treasure, my top priority. I then confessed my sin, repented, and made the decision to make spending time with God my top priority. I cannot tell you how much pure bliss I have been experiencing, every since I became intentional and committed to spending time with God everyday (Which was a few weeks ago, and yes honey I don't mind being transparent and putting myself on blast!

Everyday gets sweeter and sweeter, and he shows me himself more and more! It is true that if you ask you shall receive, seek you shall find, and knock the door shall be opened unto you! If  you draw near unto him, he will draw near unto you, but you have to come to him. He will not force himself on you. He will lovingly call out to you, and invite you to dine with him. It's ultimately up to you to accept his invitation or stand him up. I encourage you not to choose the latter. My sisters, if you can relate to my testimony I encourage you to do a #heartcheck, and find out what are you treasuring more than sweet fellowship with God. Once you do, confess and repent of it, and pursue spending time with God everyday!

I love you all, but God loves you so much more!
Your Sister~Jassmine~A Dear Daughter of The King!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Part 2: Getting What You Desire, When He Desires


Hey, Hey, Hey my sisters in Christ! I am delighted to get into this Word some more with you all, and continue conforming and transforming to a true dear daughter of the King. Being a true dear daughter of the King, our desires should mirror God's. The only way that can be accomplished, is by daily looking into the light and mirror of God's Word. For it is in God's Word the true reflection of us is revealed. So you've examined the desires of your heart by the light of God's Word, it lines up with his desire, will, and good pleasure, and you still don't have them or see them. You're now stuck asking "When will I see my desire fulfilled"? Just as I last stated in part 1's post, he promised to give you the desires, but he did not say when and that can sometimes be frustrating. If you focus on your emotions of frustration, then you will allow it to turn into the 3 D's of Doom:Discontentment, Discouragement, and Doubt. If you let this rule you, and steal your focus you'll pursue after your desire and try to make it come to pass by your own strength and hands. Let me tell you from experience ladies, this will only get you in a world of unnecessary stress and trouble, and won't bring that thing you so earnestly desire faster to you. As true dear daughters of the king, if we are delighting in him by being in his presence daily, reading/studying/meditating upon his Word, obeying his Word, communicating with him daily in prayer, then we will take pleasure in everything God does including his divine providence. 

Let's go to the next scripture in that same chapter of Psalm 37 verse 5,  to see how we as daughters of the king should handle waiting on our desire to be fulfilled. The verse says "Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass". That word Commit in the original Hebrew language is "galal", which means to roll. The word Way in the original Hebrew language is "derek" means one's course of life, every event, action, direction, future, everything. Now before you all say "Wow Jassmine, now I don't understand all that and you're going too deep", let me explain it further because it really brings this scripture to it's full meaning. It's always good when studying the bible to define the words in the text, because then you find the true meaning of it and it means so much more to you. So let's now say the scripture over now that we've defined the words. Roll thy course of life unto the Lord. You see how much more clearer that is to look at it that way? We are to roll over, give over, and entrust, every part, section, detail, care of life to the Lord. So ladies roll all that worry and anxiety off of you, over when you will see that desire take place in your life and give it to the Lord. Now it's not enough to roll or give it over to the Lord, but when we do so we have to do as the scripture says and trust also in him. This means we have to take full confidence and belief in him, to his divine and perfect care and guidance, that all is well that God does. He has the road map of our life already perfectly planned, and knows when we are to receive that desire he desires to give us. Once we do so we can rest in the latter promise of the scripture that he SHALL bring it to pass, meaning he will do it and bring it about according to his perfect will, purpose, and pleasure! Pursue, follow, and trust Christ ladies, and you'll have your desires when he desires! 

I love you all, but God loves you so much more!
Your Sister~Jassmine~A Dear Daughter of The King!
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